Venezuela: Where will we go Lord, Where will we go?

on 03 Apr, 2018

Sr. Nícida Amparo Díaz, delegate of Justice and Peace - El Caribe.- Where will we go, Lord, before such a cruel reality, who can resist it? In you we put all our hope to continue living. "It is the open eyes that make us suffer again for the pain of others: Those who urge us to rise up against the sense of innocent and unjust pain; those that arouse in us hunger and thirst for justice, for justice for all" (Johan Baptista Metz). 

The situation that we suffer in Venezuela, is of anguish and constant suffering, reflected in the face of each mother who sees day by day the desperate situation that drowns the hope of a better tomorrow: their children without food, malnourished, sick, young without horizon where their only alternative is “bachaqueo” (people who buy food, and other essential products and then sells them back for 5 or ten times the original cost), or crime. Geriatric patients and nursing homes reduce attention due to lack of food and medicines. Venezuela dawns with more than 250 political prisoners, the spread of tuberculosis, malaria, diphtheria, measles (without vaccines) with people without light, without water, without transport, hospitals without services or operating rooms, sick without medicine.There are no psychiatric medications of any kind. Nor for dialysis ... The Government does not guarantee access to medicines to avoid rejection of the donated organ. They are violating the right to health and the right to life to 3,500 transplanted people who live in the country. We do not have the supplies for the treatment of women living with HIV and cancer. Two out of every 3 hospitals in Venezuela do not have water service. They have to carry water in tobos. Sometimes the relatives of the patients must do it. The hospital crisis in Venezuela Every day there are less independent media, because they close printed newspapers, this makes the protest invisible, every day there is more protest because there is no food, health, employment, transport are not guaranteed ... However, the regime insistently continues to announce a populi voice, which is an economic war, as the only justification for not facing the harsh reality that Venezuelans suffer, and in this way to radicalize their political power.

In Venezuela there is no humanitarian crisis, there is not! because we have crossed the barrier and we are already in a humanitarian emergency. For this reason we no longer have to talk about crisis, but EMERGENCY! Reality that makes many Venezuelans flee the country in search of better living conditions. Those of us who remain as an option to accompany our people in their sufferings and their pains, we know that it is not an easy fight because where ever you face, you find yourself with the fatigue and disappointment of many. However, we know that this is not the last word because even in the midst of fatigue and disappointment the HOPE of a better tomorrow is kept alive.

The LIGHT continues to shine in the darkness and we bet for it even if we do not reach it yet. That hopeful light is found in the gestures of solidarity and fraternity of our people, communities, NGOs, Christians in the streets, in the Church ... That's why, with absolute HOPE we bet without despairing for a better tomorrow, accompanying and holding our people. If God is with us, who is against us?

Facts like these give us life: Every Tuesday a church in Caracas, Santa Capilla, changes the Mass for the solidarity pot: About 500 people, elderly people, women with their children in their arms, students and workers take refuge in the house of God to benefit from a cup of soup, perhaps the only dish they take to the stomach that day. 

Where will we go, Lord? We do not know, the only certain thing is that here we are, abandoned in You who gives us life and leads us on paths of Justice, Peace and Freedom.