In memory of an artist: Sr. Ana Julia Parra París

on 30 Jan, 2019
Lima (Perú), 01/30/2019, Sr. Gloria Eugenia Piedrahita.- Sr. Ana Julia Parra París (Sr. Alfonso de Jesús) was born on June 18, 1920 in San Carlos (Ant.), Colombia. She professed on January 10, 1945 in the Province of Medellin.
Sr. Ana Julia ParraSr. Ana Julia ParraShe carried out his apostolic mission as an artist in the Province of Medellin until 1971, then, she was sent to Chipiriri, Bolivia and the following year to Cochabamba until 1978 when she was called to the Provincial House of Medellín to make the artistic decoration of the history of Medicine in CIMA (Medical Research Center of Antioquia), El Rosario Clinic.
When the Structure of the Vice Province of Los Andes began in October 1983, Sr. Ana Julia was sent to the Viceprovincial House where she assumed the mission of secretarial assistant, without leaving her dedication to art.
In 2001, her health began to deteriorate, assuming her situation with serenity. She remained in the host community, at rest, but without ceasing to paint, although her works were no longer as perfect. Her paintings reflect the tenderness and tenderness of God.
After expressing freely and with great simplicity the desire to go to Medellin to live her last days and prepare for the final encounter with the Lord, his Divine Artist, traveled in August 2002. She died on February 13, 2004. Her mortal remains rest in the crypt of the Provincial House of Medellin.
Many of our houses have their works. She was the one in charge of painting the canvas for the Beatification of Marie Poussepin in 1994..
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Mural in the Medical Research Center of Antioquia

The mural, a work of art placed in the entrance hall of the building "Medical Research Center of Antioquia", which tells the history of Medicine, made by Sr. Ana Julia Parra Paris (Alfonso de Jesus), Dominica of the Presentation, was approved by the Administrative Department of Planning and Technical Services, by Act No. 15 of April 20, 1979.

The mural has forty square meters, covering the height of two floors in the hall of the main entrance. It was made with wooden rectangles of different relief or thickness, in whose surfaces are painted in oil portraits of twenty-two scientists with the signs corresponding to their discovery; the majority, Nobel Prize.

In this mural the patient is the center of interest of all medical science with its discoveries and experiences. The internist doctor who accompanies him comes to mean the representation of all branches of medicine. Patient care covers all its physiological, psychological, social, moral and spiritual dimensions.

Picture for the Beatification of Marie Poussepin

The painting gives the idea of the glorification of Marie Poussepin, because of her pale, glorious and luminous face and her white halo that increases around her head and indicates the fame of holiness that was growing as she studied her life. Her eyes do not look at the sky, they are fixed in the reality of the world and environment that she had to live. Her cheerful smile is that of who triumphs on a human and spiritual level.

On the right is her Congregation in the Bible, the Regulations of Sainville and the shield of the Presentation. On the same side, the girls she formed. Above, the liberating work that passes from the spinning wheel to the middle weaving machines. To her left, a poor hamlet like, the Sainville of her time. There we see a patient to whom she gives the water of her mercy. Below, in the center, the Church to which she offers her Charity service. 
The rhythmic lines and colors give the idea of a party. The vertical s, show the firmness of the Founder. The arrow from the girls to the patient, indicate why and what for, of their training. 

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