The logo of the General Chapter

ENG 55 Logo GC JPGThe logo of the Chapter is a proposal by Sr. Leidy Viviany Moreno Garzón, of the Province of Santafé, which is the one chosen, from among many others, as the logo for the 55th General Chapter. We want to thank her and all the Sisters who have sent a proposal for the logo, their participation, creativity and artistic sense help to capture the theme of the Chapter. 

The Biblical texts: “This is the way, follow it.” Is. 30:21 and “My grace is enough for you.”cf. 2 Cor 12:9 will accompany us in our work of the Chapter with its theme: “Sent to Go Beyond Borders to Revitalize Life and Mission”. The preparation is based on the experience lived during these five years and according to the orientations of the General Chapter Document of 2014: “Now is the favorable time…” and the many reflections that have accompanied us as fruit of the meetings in the Congregation and the proposals of the Church.

Explanation of the logo

  • Marie Poussepin: invites us to take a new look at our Charism so that the strength of her prophetic vision is revived and leads us to the process of revitalization of the Congregation.
  • Mountain with its paths: beckons us to transcend broaden our vision, to build with others, to go beyond.
  • Green color: represents the hope that animates us and mobilizes us for restructuration.
  • The cross on top of the mountain: indicates that Christ is our life, the way and goal of our mission and every path must lead to Him.
  • Discontinuous Circle: represents the Congregation in the world open to new challenges, symbol of inclusion and universality.
  • 55th General Chapter: speaks of history, tradition, life and mission of the Congregation, anchored in the present, open to the future and faithful to the Charism.