Sr. María Olga Gómez Botero

Structure: Province of Los Andes

Member: Elected

Profession: 10/14/1971

I am Sr. María Olga Botero, with 48 years of religious life.

Of Colombian nationality. I live in the city of Santa Cruz – Bolivia. I have served in the field of education and actually I offer catechetical services in the parish.

Present Mission

Catechetical ministry in the parish.

What you think are the great challenges for the Congregation in the next 5 years? 

  1. To recover spiritual life and evangelical centrality as our power and strength for community life and mission, and with renewed enthusiasm, to energize the life and mission of the Congregation.

  2. Updated and ongoing formation that opens us to plurality, inter-culturality, dialogue with others that enables us to transform the foundational Charism into new languages and cultures.

  3. To assume inter-culturality as an alternative option to create harmony and communion, in the acceptance and appreciation of persons and cultures, giving life to the Gospel and credibility to religious life.

  4. To be firm in our commitment to life and human rights with a clear and decisive option for Justice and Peace.

  5. To urgently carry out the restructuration of the Congregation without fear of change, assuming the risks involved in building a single common project in view of mission.

  6. To encourage and promote new leadership in the government of the Congregation that support dynamically and give strength to the search of the Congregation.

  7. To prepare sisters who assume with passion the Charism and mission of accompanying and working with young people and to form teams for promoting the provincial level to work with dynamism, mysticism, creativity and careful availability.