Sr. Anney Chummar Maniyamkott

Structure: Province de l'Inde
Member: Élu

Profession: 05/31/1991

I made my first profession in the year 1991 and have completed 28 years of religious commitment.

In profession I am a teacher as well as a social worker. I have served in the province as provincial councilor, and most of the time I was engaged in development work. I had opportunities to serve the marginalized people and was blessed to know the pain of the suffering humanity, being one among them. I am happy to be a member of Dominican sisters of the presentation and reach out to many, giving oneself and impart the love of Christ.

Present Mission

I am engaged in development work specially amoung the tribales to bring them to the mainstream of the society.

What you think are the great challenges for the Congregation in the next 5 years?

  • Decrease of vocation in all our structures.
  • Lack of committed religious to continue the charism of our Blessed Marie Poussepin.
  • Growing in Individualism.
  • Lack of openness to internationality, interculturality.