Sr. Bernadette Youssef Ouchanna

Structure: Viceprovince of Middle East
Member: Ex Officio

Profession: 01/12/1986

I was born in Duhok, Iraq in 1957. I made my first profession in 1986 in Lebanon.

My first missionary experience was in Lebanon. Since 1991 I have been participating in the Congregation's mission in Iraq.


Present Mission

Vice Provincial Superior.

What you think are the great challenges for the Congregation in the next 5 years?

- Be true witnesses in following Jesus in Faith, Hope and Love to live the principles of the Gospel.

- May our communities be places of Spirituality and Evangelical fraternity.

- Interculturality implies giving life to the spirituality of the Gospel and credibility to our religious life.

- The desire for God is always present in our hearts, especially in the hearts of young people, who seem to be disinterested and confused. How can we awaken faith in the life of youth?