Province of India

India: “Inspiration of Providence”

The foundation in India is nothing but an “inspiration of Providence” responded to and made a reality; because men and women from different parts of the world were willing to communicate and share the cost. Yes, it was a risk to reach out to the unknown, a new culture, a new life style, almost a complete new way of living.

Just as the beginning of the history of the chosen people lies in the faith response of Abraham to the call of God to leave his own country and people and home to the unknown land, so also the beginning of the story of the Presentation in India lies in the faith response of men and women to their own personal call. They were called and they responded unconditionally.

Sr. Agnes Dominique, Tours, France, Fr. Claude Ollukaren OFM Cap, Thrissur Kerala and Sr. Marie Ascension, Fall River, USA were the instruments for the foundation of the Presentation in India to became a reality. The story began with the meeting of Sr. Agnes Dominique and Fr. Claude Ollukaran in Tours, France. Among other subjects of conversation they had together, they talked about the possibility of girls from India joining the Congregation.

Their communication continued after Fr. Claude returned to India. Fr. Claude took great interest to promote vocations for the Congregation. Sr. Agnes Dominique shared about this possibility to Mother Therese des Anges, Superior General. Having thought that learning French may be more difficult for the young women from India, it was suggested that they could have the formation in USA. Sr. Marie Ascension, a great friend of Sr. Agnes took interest to follow up the process of the candidates going to USA and their formation.

The project to spread the Charism of Marie Poussepin to India, a Far East country, was approved by Mother Therese des Anges, the Superior General, and the property of Kuttikad was bought at the time of Mother Pierre Marie, the Vice Provincial of USA. The Charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin was planted in Indian soil in February 24, 1971 with the arrival of the first Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of Blessed Virgin in India during the Generalate of Mother Marie St. Therese. Sr. Mary Patricia Sullivan and Sr. John of the Cross (Sr. Dorothy Ruggiero) were the pioneers of the first mission in Jeevadhara, Kuttikad, Kerala. As the result of the generosity and sacrificial self-gift of the sisters of the USA Vice Province the presentation in India grew.

Region of India

On July 26, 1975, USA Vice Province became a Province and Sr. Marie Ascension was appointed the Provincial. On the same day, Mother Marie St. Therese and her council made the community in India a Region under the Province of USA. Sr. Mary Patricia was appointed as the Regional Superior, with one community and 13 Sisters. A few of the Indian sisters returned to India from USA after their formation and professional studies. Along with Sr. Patricia and Sr. Dorothy, they entered into the health ministry. But others returned soon after their Novitiate and continued their professional studies.

The story of the Presentation in India continued to unfold in and through the lives of the sisters according to the plan of the Divine Story teller. Sr. Mary Patricia was elected as the Provincial of USA Province during the chapter of 1978 and she had to leave India. Sr. Dorothy Ruggiero was appointed as Regional. She too had to leave as she was elected as the Provincial during the chapter of 1983 leaving the animation of the region in the hands of sisters from India.

With great trust and confidence, Sr. Ines Mercedes entrusted the Presentation in India in the hands of the Indian Sisters. Following the example of Sr. Patricia and Sr. Dorothy who walked before them they ventured ahead to build Presentation on the foundation they had built with their sweat and blood and with the selfless gift of themselves and they guided the sisters from far. The Indian sisters responded with generosity and dedication.

With the continued support and guidance of the USA Province and the Provincials, the Region continued to grow steadily.

Vice Province of India

On Jan. 1, 1996 region of India was made a Vice Province by Sr. Marie Fabiola Velasquez with Sr. Vimala Vadakumpadan as the first Vice Provincial Superior. At that time when we celebrated 25 years of the presence of the Presentation in India there were 59 sisters in 8 communities scattered in 4 States of India involved in various ministries. Total dedication of Sr. Vimala, and Sr. Mariamma Paul Ollukaran who followed her as Vice Provincial, to the task entrusted to them bore fruit and the Vice Province grew. In the year 2007, the community in Korea became part of the Vice Province of India.

Province of India

During the Vice Provincial chapter of 2008, through the indult of Sr. Monique Colrat, Superior General and her council Vice Province of India was raised to a Province with Sr. Mariamma Paul Ollukaren as the first Provincial of the Province of India with 69 sisters 15 communities in India in 7 states and 2 communities in Korea.

Sr. Monique Colrat in her letter to the sisters of the Province said, “The Province of India is filled with hopes and promises, as it begins its new life at the close of year 2008 and at the dawn of 2009. We invite you to remain united in your search for the common good of the Province and the Congregation. We encourage you to continue to be generous and committed to spreading the Charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin in India, Korea and other places in the Congregation.” The Province has kept this message of Sr. Monique Colrat close to its heart.


Total No. of Sisters: 90
Perpetually vowed sisters: 76
Temporary vowed sisters: 14
Novices: Postulants: 5
Sisters serving in other structures or missions: 11
Total no. of communities: 18
In India: 17
In Korea: 1

Average age of the sisters in the Province: 47

Proclamation Gives meaning to our Mission “to preach”!

Our Congregation by birth is missionary with its eyes open to the world around trying to respond to the people who suffer, suffering in all different attires. “While maintaining its two original orientations of education and health care, with the preferential option for the poor, the Congregation is open to diverse forms of presence in a creative fidelity.” (C.82) This call of our Constitutions has been kept alive in the Province, as we have been able to respond to many urgent calls of the hour with great courage and generosity.

Womans Day rally Bangalore

Pastoral Ministry

Our involvement in the pastoral ministry is through teaching catechism, animating pious association of the parish, taking care of the liturgy, accompanying Basic Christian Communities, youth and the migrants. All our communities are actively involved in the Parish ministry.

Through Jeevadhara Family Renewal Centre, Kuttikad, we accompany the couples. It is the need of our time to strengthen the families to withstand the temptation of consumeristic society. We believe in accompanying couples we strengthen the faith of the Church and contribute substantially in building a better society.

“Home Mission” Staying in different parishes as a team with sisters of other Congregations we offer help to the families through house visit, prayer and reconciliation of conflicts etc. Sisters visit and do counseling to the OKHI typhoon affected families in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Trivandrum.

Education Ministry

Many of our sisters are in education ministry, which is still a very urgent need of our country. Education plays a significant and remedial role in balancing the socio – economic fabric of the society.

“To create lifelong learners in the passion and spirit of Marie Poussepin’’ is the clear motto of Marie Poussepin Academy, a school with a difference, started on June 26, 2009. St Dominic School which cater to economically less privileged children of Karehally and surrounding villages was started 13 years ago.

We collaborate either with the Diocese or other religious Congregations joining hands together not only to teach 3R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic) but to teach values which will remain forever.

Eduation - Province

High Schools:

  • Marie Poussepin’s Academy, Nagpur
  • St. Dominic’s School, Karahally

Pre Primary:

  • Dominican day Care, Bucheon, Korea
  • Marie Kirana Crèche, Bangalore
  • Marie Pre-primary School Paruthiyoor

Eucation Ministry with others

  • St. Jude’s Higher Secondary School, Khargone
  • Ashirvad middle school, Dhulkot
  • St. Basil’s Higher Secondary School, Basti and St. Basil’s LP School, Nipinia
  • St. Mary’s primary school, Dalmadih
  • Divine Savior, pre-primary School Ranchi
  • St. George’s Primary School, Pariyaram,
  • St. Mary’s Primary School, Paruthiyoor
  • St. Xavier’s Matriculation School, Soganur
  • St. Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in Duliajan

Health Ministry

In the remote villages of India, taking care of the health and hygiene is a priority. To run a health care center in India is a challenge as the demands of the government is impossible to meet. Yet through our dispensaries, we not only supply the patients with the immediate need of medical assistance, but also teach them to create a healthy and hygienic environment around them.

We encourage the people to use natural and herbal medicines. Sisters are trained in herbal medicines and they prepare and teach volunteers and health workers in the use of the same, thus it become much handier and less expensive for the people.

Health ministry

  • Ashirvad Dispensary, Dhulkot
  • St. Dominic’s Dispensary, Dalmadih
  • Sister working as nurse in Amala. Hospital, Thrissur

Social Services

In the footsteps of Blessed Marie Poussepin, “Social Apostle of Charity” the Province reaches out to those who are in the peripheries and marginalized, through various sustainable developmental projects and programs. In all our services, we give priority to woman and children who are the most vulnerable of the society.

A new project is introduced for children’s parliament under PASS “Integrated Development of the Poor Children” with the objectives of engaging them in community development, to increase their academic performance and to empower the less privileged children. Children’s Parliament is also organized in Dalmadih and Varadium, which helps in capacity building and in leadership performances.

Social Services

  • Thurbunga Tribal Development initiatives, Dalmadih
  • Poussepin Alliance for Social Services, (PASS) Bangalore
  • Poussepin Any Time Help(PATH), Dourdan, Bangalore
  • Marie Poussepin Legal Cell, Bangalore
  • Prison Ministry
  • Poussepin Tailoring Centre, Dourdan, Bangalore
  • Poussepin Tailoring Centre, Dalmadih
  • Marie ‘s Tailoring Centre, Paruthiyoor
  • DISA (Developmental Initiative of Social Animation ) Basti in Collaboration

Initiatives to protect Girl Children

  • Jeevadhara Girls home, Kuttikad
  • Snehanilyaya, Girls Home, Karehally
  • Poussepin Group Home, Bucheon, Korea
  • Marie Poussepin Girls Home, Ranchi

Progress in restructuration

  • The Provincial government of India and the mission in the Philippines work together to create practical steps for the mutual sharing and support of the mission in Asia.
  • The possibility of the Province of India and the International communities of the Philippines to take advantage of the formative opportunities available in both countries.
  • To study further other possibilities of collaboration in the area of formation and mission between the Province of India and mission in the Philippines.


  • Building evangelizing Communities – Enhance personal relationships which builds communion.
  • Reach out to the marginalized and poor.
  • Move to the peripheries.
  • Creative participation of all the sisters in the mission, whether sick or aged.
  • Building convoking community life and active vocation promotion.
  • Collaborative ministry with the laity and likeminded NGO’s.


  • Decreasing of Vocations. Many Candidates come - Few stay.
  • Influence of the use and throw culture.
  • Change of value system.
  • Entering individualistic tendency in community and in mission.
  • Misunderstanding of the meaning and value of work.
  • Moving from piety to spirituality.
  • Lack of courage in taking risks in mission.
  • Political threat for minorities.

New Avenues

  • Marie Poussepin Foster Home, Bangalore.
  • Hospice Service (Home care for cancer patients) in Collaboration with Karunashraya, Bangalore.

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