Vice-Province of Africa

Arrival of the Dominican Sisters in Africa

Attentive to the voice, which calls us, the Congregation, made the missionary presence in Africa possible. Thanks to its commitment to go beyond the borders to extend the work of charity of Marie Poussepin.

In fact, in 1960, Father Grimault, a White Father, (African Missionary) then secretary of Cardinal Paul ZOUNGRANA, Bishop of Ouagadougou requested a missionary presence at the Yalgdo Hospital of Ouagadougou. The President of the Republic, Maurice Yameogo supported the request and it is to the North Province of France that this mission was entrusted. It is therefore a response to the call of the church and at the same time a need of healthcare for the people. That is how Mere Therese des Anges, Superior General, herself arrives in Haute Volta which is today Burkina Faso, at the beginning of 1961, opening the doors of mission for her Sisters.

The departure

On June 14, 1961, having boarded the “Foucauld” in Bordeaux at exactly 6 P.M., four brave Sisters faced the unknown, headed toward this African land which opened to them like a new Sainville to respond in the line of the charism by the care of the sick. These were the Sisters:

  • Saint Georges.
  • Marie Génevieve de la Présentation.
  • Marie William.
  • Madre Louise Marie.

After a lot of new experiences (crossing the ocean and air, interrupted by many stop overs, fatigue…) they arrived at the airport of Ouagadougou on June 26 at 6 P.M. and were welcomed by the White Fathers, the Director of the hospital, several doctors, and the White Sisters who were waiting for them. After a few days of rest and the visit of the administrative and religious authorities, they took control of the services of the hospital on July 10th. In 1963, Sister Michael of the Presentation arrived, a nurse who was the last Dominican Sister to work at the hospital. The contract with the hospital came to an end on May 1, 1976. After 15 years of service, the Sisters withdrew from the hospital and settled themselves at Boassa, a small village in the vicinity of Ouagadougou, where they took charge of the public dispensary, the CREN (Center of Rehabilitation, Nutritional Education) and maternal care.

After Sr. Michael, several Sisters arrived a few days later: Helene of the Presentation and Marie Cecile who took charge of the school of Tangzugu, a quarter in Ouagadougou. In 1969, Cardinal Paul ZOUNGRANA made the decision to hand over to the State the private Catholic Teaching Institutions of which the Church could no longer take charge. This decision put an end to the activities of the Tangzugu School, thus leaving the Sisters free for another mission. They took charge of a residence for students and welcomed Sisters on mission. This was the beginning of the community of Lauriers with Sister Marie Cecile and Sister Marie Genevieve.

The Requests multiplied from 1970 to 1987

On August 27, 1970, the Sisters responded to the request of Cardinal ZOUNGRANA and the parish of Po and opened a community in the town in view of catechesis and promotion of women. Solicited by the Salesians, the Province of Spain responded for a service of education and parish ministry at Korhogo, Ivory Coast, on November 21, 1987. In October 1988, they responded to the request of the diocese of Maroua-Mokolo in the north of Cameroun and sent Sisters to begin three communities. In 1989, the community at Tougouri in the diocese of Kaya was opened to take charge of a pharmacy and a CREN (Center of Rehabilitation, Nutritional Education) and a Sister to teach French in the catechetical school.

The First African Sisters

In 1980, Monsignor ZOUNGRANA gave his approval to the Congregation to receive young girls for formation in view of the religious life. It was thus that on October 14, 1982, the first two young girls, Cecile SWADOGO and Madeleine ZOUNGRANA were admitted to begin their postulancy at Boassa. On May 1, 1984 they entered the novitiate with the mistress of novices being Sister Anne Marie ENDERLIN who had just arrived at Burkina. Two years later in 1986, they made their first profession on May 11th at the parish Church of Saint Pierre de Gounghuin in the presence of Sr. Ines Mercedes, Superior General, Sr. Catherine of the Presentation, General Councilor, and Sr. Bernard de l’Immaculée then Provincial Superior of the north of France.

Africa, Region of the Province of France since 1992 is erected as Vice Province of Africa

Having seen the evolution of this presence, the demands of different situations, the growing number of vocations, the General Government carried out a lengthy reflective process in order to give to this assembly of communities the indispensable means to progressively reach their autonomy and their own physiognomy. On August 15, 1992, the Vice Province of Africa was erected with the nomination of their first Vice Provincial in the person of Sr. Carmen del Pillar.

An organizational Change in the Vice Province

At its creation, the Vice Province was divided into regions: the region of Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and the region of Cameroun-Tchad. As of October 14, 2001, the regions were abolished and the seat of the Vice Province became Ouagadougou. Since then, the Congregation grew in Africa. Its new foundations of these last years: Toece in the diocese of Manga(1997), Niakara in Ivory Coast(1997), Titao in the diocese of Ouagadougou (2004), Bagre in the diocese of Tenkodogo(2011) witness to the missionary expansion and are a proof of the rootedness of the charism in the African continent. 

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Today, the Vice Province counts 114 Sisters distributed into 18 communities, with 10 Sisters in missions outside of Africa. Our young structure continues with self-sacrifice the work of charity mainly in the field of parish ministry (in all the parishes where we are) healthcare, education, and promotion of women.


Saint Martin de Porres Dispensary at Tougouri

Dispensary and maternity of Saint Martin de Porres at Tougouri, diocese of Kaya and at Tiebele, diocese of Manga.

Promotion of women

Domestic Center of Marie Poussepin, Po.
Domestic Center of Marie Poussepin, Boassa.
Domestic Center, Tougouri.
Domestic Center of Marie Poussepin at Moundou in Tchad.


África 2Education

Marie Poussepin College of Lougsi

  • Marie Poussepin Pre-KG, Dassasgho, Archdiocese of Ouagadougou.
  • Saint Therese de L’Enfant Jesus Pre-KG, Bagre, Diocese of Tenkodogo.
  • Marie Poussepin Elementary School, Dassasgho.
  • Marie Poussepin High School, Lougsi.
  • Marie Poussepin High School, Dassasgho.



  • To make the pastoral of vocations as the concern of all.
  • Solid religious and professional formation in different fields, for all the sisters according to the possibilities of each and the needs of the vice province.
  • A study of places of mission, so that our service will be more fruitful.


  • Journey to become a province.
  • Development and creation of missionary fields in view of financial sufficiency.

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