Sr. Viviane Martinez

Structure:  Province of France
Member: Elected

Profession: 02/28/1966

I entered the Congregation during the Second Vatican Council. Therefore, I have the same age in religious life as the Council.

All my missionary activities were carried out in France in Teaching, Primary and Secondary level and in Algeria in the apprenticeship Centre for the unemployed.


Present Mission

Currently I am in a residence for students and participate in activities of inter-religious dialogue; permanent reception of migrants; I offer some services in the Congregation and in the Dominican family, as well as to the local Church.

What you think are the great challenges for the Congregation in the next 5 years?

  • An internal challenge for the Congregation is to succeed in the best restructuration between the provinces, to unite our strengths, overcome our deficiencies and to do together our missionary search.

  • The development of intercultural communities in each Province, to respond to the evangelization in a world, which is turning multicultural. In whatever part of the planet.

  • To maintain our presence in economically and culturally disadvantaged areas, however to take into account, the entire mission for the Congregation.

  • Attend to other types of poverty: spiritual and human accompaniment of people in distress because of painful events, failure, loneliness, fragility, etc.