Transcending borders means choosing the shores

La Turena, Bucaramanga (Colombia), 07/20/2019, Sr. Martha Diazgranados Santos.- Today was a special day of prayer, reflection and questioning, guided by Father Guillermo Campuzano Vélez, Vincentian Priest, Counsellor of the Theologians of CLAR, (Conference of Religious of Latin America), who with his dynamic presentation, captured the attention of all the Sisters in the Chapter.

Día 19

We want to share with you a short summary of what was presented:

Transcending borders means to choose the poor and fragile shores of displacements with a spiritual dynamism. To cross borders is to risk life for the Kingdom. It means having a vision towards the Congregation itself to truly transcend towards a creative Charism.

TRANSCENDING implies having:

- A perspective towards responsibility that requires trust,
- A perspective towards the imagination, that shifts the capacity of humanism, with attentive listening, to a prophetic vision and constant discernment,
- A perspective towards our personal and community lifestyle, for a Resignification, Reconfiguration and Restructuring, as a prophetic orientation.

To transcend means to feel loved by the Lord, as a theology of encounter, to approach the pain of the other, a brother, the distant, the different, like Jesus.

We may ask ourselves:

- Have borders been crossed?
- How has the Charism contributed to building a “new” Church?

We must be aware that our fundamental relationships, preventing us from going beyond, have entered into crisis: a crisis of faith, loss of the sense of belonging and an apostolate without passion. We forget that only trust can give us the strength to go beyond borders with courage, responsibility and fraternity.



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