Sr. Herminia Yanira Carrillo Figueroa

Structure: Province of Bucaramanga
Member: Elected

Profession: 12/08/1993

Educator by vocation, I have been pastoralist, catechist, teacher of religious school education and philosophy.

I have made the educational mission at all levels of education, from primary to higher education, both in the public and private sectors. Likewise, I have been able to offer services direct the Normal Superior public school and the Private Presentation School. I consider myself a sensitive person in the face of the pain of the most vulnerable, critical of the current reality at a social, educational and political level, convinced and happy of my religious consecration, with a high sense of love for the congregation and in constant search for community and community building and of the inner being from the contemplation of the Word and the encounters with God in prayer. Always available and open to fraternal relationships and service. I like studying, reading, and research.

Present Mission

Academic Cordinator and Research Professor of the Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios, CR Cúcuta.

What do you consider to be the main challenges for the Congregation in the next 5 years?

The main challenge person centered, in the identity as Dominican religious of the Presentation for our case, a religious woman who recognizes herself happy of her vocational choice and made in her consecration, is urgent the emotional stability and human maturity that allows to be in permanent relational dynamism with balance and openness to different forms and conditions of being, for this the initial and permanent formation must review the ways of accompanying and helping to personalize in freedom and autonomy.

A second challenge could be found in the recovery and conviction of the exclusivity of our life and the end of our religious consecration: 'To know and reveal Jesus Christ', without a strong experience of prayer it is impossible to configure our being with the person of Jesus Christ, and hence the strength for the mission and to build fraternal community. The study of the Word and the contemplation of reality on a personal and community level must transcend in a conceptualized and pertinent mission to the calls of the world today.

In a third challenge I point out the new look in front of the structure of community and government that must be agile, open, simple, respectful of difference, inclusive, without losing the requirement and discipline of the principles of our religious identity, with a circular administration and co-responsible with decisions and vision of the future.

Finally, the joint work with the laity today is a call of church and congregation, which allows us to accentuate in the own identity of the charisma and share the mission with those who are willing to be continuators of the legacy of our Founding Mother. It demands responsible openness, a sense of equality, dispossession of prejudices and constant preparation on a spiritual and missionary level.