Africa greets Marie Poussepin - 1

on 09 May, 2020
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Africa, 05/08/2020, Sr. Pélagie Kaboré.- "Marie Poussepin saw what was just in the eyes of God and she accomplished it." Her mission continues in the Church and in the world through her Sisters. The year of grace in honour of the 25th anniversary of her beatification allows us to know and deepen her life and charism, to rend homage to her and to revitalise our mission of charity. In this way, the sisters and lay people of the Vice-Province of Africa, through the following artistic works, wanted to salute with deference the holiness of Marie Poussepin.


(The original is French)

Marie POUSSEPIN our mother, thank you for your life - witness.

(Fille) Noble daughter of Dourdan,
(Fille) Daughter of Claude POUSSEPIN,
(Et) And Julienne FOURRIER,
(Fille) Beloved daughter of God.

(Femme) Woman with a short bust and fairly large build,
(Femme) Woman of small size, sturdy and strong,
(Femme) Woman with an oval face with regular features,
(Femme) Woman whose face is imbued with serenity and confidence.

(À) At twenty-two you were already in charge,
(Et) And you took care of your father and young brother.
(Avec) With courage and self-sacrifice you straightened out the family situation
(Et) And also did work of charity for the young apprentices.

(Les) The trials gave you a maturity beyond your age,
(Un) A know-how and a courageous persistence in the face of difficulties.
Realistic and persevering, you were a woman who sees well and far;
Animated by a concrete charity, you had a clearsighted vision.

(Émue) Moved by the misery of Human beings,
(Tu) You left Dourdan for Sainville,
(Où) Where you established a community,
(Une) A community of the Third Order of Saint Dominic.

(Une) A community for the service of charity,
(Une) A Christo-centric community,
(Une) A community under the protection of the Blessed Virgin,
(Une) A community whose fruit we are.

After 90 years of life all given to God and others,
(Tu) You enter into the peace of your Lord in silence,
After having shown us the way,
After having given us the beautiful example.

Marie POUSSEPIN our mother,
(Voilà) It’s been 25 years since you were raised to the status of the blesseds.
(Quelle) What a grace and happiness to share the life of your Lord,
(Quelle) What a joy to give your life to your beloved Lord.

Marie POUSSEPIN our mother,
(Merci,) Thank you, thank you for your total gift,
(Merci) Thank you for everything that you did for us,
Intercede to God for our world in distress.

Marie POUSSEPIN our mother, thank you for your witness of life.

Sr. Clémentine KOAMA and Sr. Pauline ILBOUDO


(The original is French) 

Marie POUSSEPIN was a woman with a heart burning with charity, without fear of her contemporaries.
Animated by an unwavering trust in God through the Holy Spirit, she was made Social Apostle, with her
(Regard) eyes fixed on God Alone and disposed with a preference for the poorest and the most destitute.
(Inlassable) Untiring and overflowing with charity, her dedication was there at every instant.
Efficient, flexible and with a clear vision, she had a heroic way of living, which made her life a page of the Gospel.

Passionate about bringing about the Kingdom of God, humbly and courageously she accomplished her task.
(Ouvrière) Worker of Providence, she bequeathed to her sisters charity, soul of her Congregation and zeal for education
United to her sisters in spirit and heart, she recommended to them work, poverty and
Simplicity in everything which will make them humble, modest and dedicated servants
Silently working without looking at herself, she walked according to the vision of God.
(Et) And today we, the courageous and determined daughters of Marie POUSSEPIN, we count on the
Providence of God and promise to continue the expansion of this beautiful work
Inspired by God Himself to all the regions of the earth by His grace.
(Notre) Our Blessed Marie POUSSEPIN, pray for us!

 Rosalie ZOUNGRANA, 2nd year novice


(The original is French) 

1) Marie Poussepin, gentle woman, charitable woman.
You grew in the shadow of an honorable and helpful family.
A caring woman with a heart of kindness and love.
You always came to help and rescue,
And now, with your lucid and clearsighted look.
In the face of the misery of Sainville your mother’s heart did not remain indifferent. 

2) Gentle woman, a woman of mission and hope.
Woman of faith, work and providence.
Painstaking, generous and hardworking woman.
Tam - Tam tense who growls under the misery of Sainville.
Marie Poussepin, you are like a ripe fruit with firm flesh. 

3) Marie Poussepin, gentle woman, charitable and kind.
Generous woman, available and adorable.
Your exemplary manner set up an energetic religious family.
Your daughters keep this zeal for love in Africa, America, Europe, Asia
And in the world. What a joy when one sees running, flying for the happiness of the souls.
What a stimulating life when one sees them spreading joy in souls.

4) Gentle woman, kind and charitable mother.
Innovative woman and mother with the courage of lion.
Mother attentive to the cries of her beloved children.
Marie, you are like a shining sun.
Following your example, your daughters spread light and consolation in their surroundings,
Through the services of education, health care and parish ministry. 

5) Gentle woman, available and full of admiration.
The Church did not remain indifferent to your beatification.
Years have gone by, day by day, twenty-five years have passed.
Your daughters with them say to you: happy anniversary of your silver jubilee.
Homage to you Blessed Mother Marie Poussepin.
Who, by your life made us understand the price of sacrifice.

Novitiate Community


(The original is French)

1) Marie Poussepin had a dream.
She dreamt of a more beautiful earth.
The dream of a better world. (2)
Her dream of a new earth where no one will ever moan. 

2) Her soul was sorrowful to death.
Seeing so much suffering.
Seeing the misery of Sainville.
Her dream of a new earth where no one will ever moan. (2) 

3) Her dream of a new earth.
An earth where all will rejoice.
Her dream of a more beautiful earth.
Where one will see charity flourishing.
Her dream of a new earth, where no one will ever moan. (2)

Novitiate Community