“Keep the presence of God in all your actions”.

(Marie Poussepin)

Pray for peace in the world

News and Events

Synthesis of the Pope's visit to Colombia

Medellin (Colombia), 09/18/2017, Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas Cadavid.- Review of some key moments of the visit of Pope Francis to Colombia.  

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The second interprovincial Meeting of...

Medellin (Colombia), 15/09/2017, Interprovincial Youth Vocation Ministry Team.- The Second Interprovincial Meeting of Presentation Youth, resulting from the work done by the Interprovincial Vocations Team of Youth Ministry,...

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Marie Poussepin, the hurricane of Charity in...

Port-au-Prince (Haiti), 14/09/2017, Sisters from Notre Dame de la Présentation Community.- If the passage of hurricanes like Matthew, Irma and many others have sown pain, destruction and poverty in Haiti, Marie Poussepin's...

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Los Andes: 50 years educating in the faith and...

Lima (Peru), 09/05/2017, Sr. Amira Parra Ardila.- 50 years ago in the port of Callao, Lima-Perú, by initiative of the Marianists Brothers, was born and institution with the only goal of offering a Catholic Education. It...

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Official Website of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation

Welcome to the new official website of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin. From this site we will present the most relevant news about our Congregation, in addition you will be able to know who we are, what is our mission and who was Marie Poussepin, our Foundress. If you are a Dominican Sister of the Presentation, the Reserved Area will enable you to have access to the documents of our Congregation and the latest internal news.

Reserved Area

Our identity

As Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, we are an international religious congregation, present in 36 countries. Following in the footsteps of our Foundress, Marie Poussepin, we are united in community, to

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Our history

The life of Marie Poussepin develops within almost two equal periods: the first in her hometown, Dourdan, from 1653-1695; the second in Sainville from 1696-1744.

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Pastoral of Vocations

In the imitation of Christ, Marie Poussepin, in a tireless quest for God, touched by the misery, sickness and ignorance that she discovered in Sainville availed herself to serve others. Only one contemplative aim, love of God and love of others

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Visita canónica a la India y Filipinas / Visite canonique à L'Inde et Philippines / Canonical visit to India and Philippines

09/10/2017- 16/11/2017: Visita canónica a la India y Filipinas / Visite canonique à l'Inde et Philippines / Canonical visit to India and Philippines

Visita canónica a Francia / Visite canonique à France / Canonical visit to France

02/09/2017- 03/10/2017: Visita canónica a la Francia / Visite canonique à France / Canonical visit to France

Encuentro de ecónomas/ Rencontre des économes/ Meeting of Treasurers

28/08/2017- 10/09/2017: Encuentro de ecónomas provinciales en la Casa Madre / Rencontre des économes provinciales à la Maison Mère / Meeting of the Provincials Treasurers at the Mother House

Encuentro de gobiernos / Rencontre de Gouvernements / Meeting of the Governments

17/07/2017- 23/07/2017: Encuentro de gobiernos de les estructuras visitadas por el gobierno general en Bucaramanga / Rencontre de Gouvernements de Structures visitées pour le Gouvernement Général à Bucaramanga  / Meeting of the Governments & structures visited for the General Government in Bucaramanga

Justice and Peace

God is not indifferent! God cares about mankind! God does not abandon us!

"At the beginning of the New Year, I would like to share not only this profound conviction but also my cordial good wishes for prosperity, peace and the fulfilment of the hopes of every man and every woman, every family, people and nation throughout the world, including all Heads of State and Government and all religious leaders.

We continue to trust that 2016 will see us all firmly and confidently engaged, on different levels, in the pursuit of justice and peace. Peace is both God’s gift and a human achievement. As a gift of God, it is entrusted to all men and women, who are called to attain it.

Source: Message of Pope Francis for the World Day of Peace - 2016

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In a multicultural world

In our multicultural world, sharing and solidarity is necessary to construct a more just and fraternal society more in accord with what God wants for humanity. It depends on all of us, Christians or not, believers or not, in the daily sharing of life as in the projects of great significance.

Civil society offers us through its governmental and nongovernmental organizations, (NGO) opportunities to form alliances to unite our strengths with those who share our concerns and values. The accompaniment of persons and marginalized groups and the ecological concerns could be areas for common actions.

Source: 54th General Chapter - 2014

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The Congregation in the World...

Present in 4 continents

Today, the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, faithful to the project of their Foundress, work to serve the Church in 36 countries, on four continents. Marie Poussepin designed a way. Following in her footsteps, others after her, as heirs of her Charism, respond to the calls of their time...