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"The True Path"

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"The mountain climber had gotten up very early with the intention to reach the summit, which was especially steep, before the sun was too high. He had spent hours of effort in his solitary ascent and his body was beginning to feel tired. His boots gathered dust from many rough areas and his heart was filled with many songs.
Unexpectedly, the way branched off into two. He stopped, hesitant for fear of making a mistake.

A few minutes later he saw someone walking in the opposite direction. “Hey,” he asked after a greeting: “Can you tell me which is the true path that leads to the summit?” “The true path?” replied the other without stopping. “that doesn’t lead you anywhere. What’s important is that you continue searching. Never be settled with what has already been discovered. So as not to stop being a walker, you have to keep searching."

As you read this little story, looking for "The true path”, hopefully it has not left you indifferent, that you feel something inside you. If you are hesitating or if you are at a crossroad in your life because you feel called by the Lord, if you sense that Someone wants “to alter your life for the good,” that he is asking more from you, if he presents to you the possibility to choose religious life...., do not hold back out of fear or afraid of making a mistake, search and find the right path for your life. Have the courage to question yourself about what makes you happy and dare to make a decision! To choose a path, is to risk, to take the leap of faith to answer one of life’s questions about what you love and want to live.

"It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35)"

As you consider a vocation to religious life, it is normal to have doubts, but that's when you need to respond and have the courage to say Yes to the Lord. Yes to religious life. You may also lack clarity and the courage to let you be led by the Lord. At times it is difficult to see with clarity and to face your reality. But little by little, step by step you will see the light and find answers in the different ways that Jesus will show you.

If you want to follow Jesus, your will have the growing desire to give yourself totally to Him in service and commitment. Following Jesus is a vocation to love, to live in love, only in love can one give everything. If there is a little spark, it needs to be lit to become a flame, if there is a seed; it needs to grow to bear fruit. If the Lord has entered into your life, awaking something very special in you that is totally unexpected, be joyfully amazed and respond to Him in love.

If you have any questions... where, how to follow the Lord? Feel free to contact us... "My Vocation in the Presentation". Get to know about us and our website at the same time. Knock at the door, we will open it for you by sending you a response, an e-mail. We can call and talk to you if you want. Whatever would be helpful to you. We wait to hear from you!

For us, “the Congregation founded by Marie Poussepin, DOMINICAN SISTERS OF CHARITY OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN, does not depart from the sole purpose which she wanted to give it: to announce Jesus Christ at the service of charity...”




Do you believe that God is calling you to give your life to Him?

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