From Philippines: She saw what was right...

on 26 May, 2020
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Philippines, 05/25/2020, Sr. Ruby Clare Pulickal.- SHE SAW WHAT WAS RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD AND DID IT...





Marie Poussepin my mother, I see your eyes gaze at me always. 

When I lose courage your eyes speak... You are never out of the sight of God.

On the cross roads of my life when I lost direction your eyes spoke... Always remember it is He who brought you here.

Will my prayers be answered, I doubt... your eyes speak... God will not fail to grant you all that you need.





Teach me mother how to pray, your eyes taught... Keep the presence of God in all your actions.

Your eyes that radiated charity in its fullness calls me today... Put on patience, gentleness, tenderness and firmness.

My mother your eyes speaks to me tenderly... My daughter implore the help of God on every occasion.

How beautiful, firm and radiant your eyes... the eyes which saw the path of God.