Philippines: The grace of God is boundless

on 03 Jun, 2020
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Philippines, 06/03/2020, THI NGOC NGA NGUYEN (de Vietnam), postulant.- The grace of God is boundless...


Forever we will sing the hymn of thanksgiving.
Almighty God father of heaven and earth.
we thank for the gift of life you gave to Marie Poussepin.
You blessed and had chosen her to be your instrument on earth.
With the flame of love, she responded to you, and once the mission completed,
you brought her to yourself. We are the fruits of her life,
we imitate her living a simple, humble life,
and by doing all things with the love of God. With her intercession,
may you bless our works and guide us to do your will.
Marie Poussepin, we know that even though you are in heaven.
You always pray for us,
looking upon us, you are happy because of us.
May you continue to guide us.
We promise that we will keep your instructions in our lives.
‘’Always keep the presence of God in our actions,
be one with the poor and do all thing with charity’’.
We hope that one day ,we can meet you in heaven. We love you!