Poem: The experience of God in Marie Poussepin and her abandonment in the Providence

on 12 Jul, 2020
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Santafé de Bogotá (Colombia), 07/12/2020, Study and reflection group Miramonte community.- The experience of God in Marie Poussepin and her abandonment in the Providence.

This year of grace invites us to celebrate
XXV years of Thanksgiving
For the beatification of Marie Poussepin.
Pope John Paul II took her to the altar,
Recognizing her in the Church: "Social Apostle of Charity"
Just like love for the poor
Study, prayer, contemplation
nourish his deep inner life, day after day.
She advances on the path to fulfill her mission

She gave her whole life as a sign of love,
She lived what was right in the eyes of God and accomplish it."

Faith and full surrender to Providence
She is faithfully intensifying her work in the Church,
A job she did with creativity and patience...
She knew how to listen to God, always in his presence

She is the Foundress of our Congregation
She gave it to us there in Sainville, on the Champs de la Beauce.

She looked with compassion on this humble region...
She took in the orphans that the war had left there,
She revived their hearts and taught them how to work,
Starting with a workshop in her house
By teaching them also the knowledge of God
So Marie Poussepin at the Sainville house
She organized with her disciples, the local girls...
A community at the service of the poor for all humanity.
She knew how to give her sisters a solid formation,
Sowing his charism in truth in their hearts
Then, by sending them to parishes, schools and hospitals...
To proclaim the Gospel, to teach, to heal and to love
Imitating Jesus Christ, model and example of holiness
She invites us to follow her in the exercise of Charity.

And she did so... with confidence in Providence.
Simplicity, work and poverty
To unify our life with faith and hope

We thank God for her estimony of life.
Blessed Marie Poussepin
Help us to be faithful to all our duties...
We must continue to carry out your great plan of love...
Where we are today, we want to follow your example,
Act with great humility
To be born again in a life of great friendship
Origin of our charism which is the great ideal.

Marie Poussepin is a witness of holiness
We must follow her to continue her plan.

Creative charity and her surrender to Providence
They burn in your heart reaffirming your charisma.
Preaching the Gospel, which shows us the way
Renewing our faith and love day after day
Obeying the Word and announcing it
Valuing their teachings and welcoming them warmly
Innovating our mission to improve
Taking the step towards change and creativity
Finding energy that transforms our lives in this way
Marie Poussepin transports us and moves us towards sensitivity,
When everything is in motion
She tells us that we don't have to stop, but...
To make progress towards the goal.