Spain: Marie Poussepin at the School "La Presentació" in Reus

on 31 Aug, 2020
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Reus (Spain), 08/31/2020, Sr. Conchi García.- On the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of Marie Poussepin, the pastoral team thought of doing something from the school "La Presentació" in Reus (Tarragona). They worked and insisted a lot on the figure of Marie Poussepin and asked each of the students to develop their "genius" to make known or express well who she was. They had all the possibilities: stories, drawings, poems, videos, representations...; they worked with a lot of enthusiasm and some of them presented a good work with a lot of originality, within the capacities of each one and depending on the age that oscillated between 10 and 12 years old. We present some of them for you to enjoy.


 By Andrea Varsallona - 5BBy Andrea Varsallona - 5B

By Jana Nomen - 5ABy Jana Nomen - 5A


By Jan Mestre - 5B By Jan Mestre - 5B

By Jan Mestre - 5B By Jan Mestre - 5B


By Dori Sanchez - 6A By Dori Sanchez - 6A

By Dori Sanchez - 6ABy Dori Sanchez - 6A 


By Carlota Giménez - 6ABy Carlota Giménez - 6A


By Mariona Ferran - 6BBy Mariona Ferran - 6B


  By Nil Pous - 5B

 By Claudia Mindan - 1B