From Pitalito to Marie Poussepin

on 10 Oct, 2020
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Pitalito, Huila (Colombia), 10/10/20202, Sr. María de Jesús Gil Gallego.- The community of Pitalito in El Huila, Manizales Province, has made this poetry to Marie Poussepin and then presented it in this beautiful video.


For you Marie Poussepin
The splendor of a radiant morning of light
For you Marie Poussepin
The heat and brightness of the sun in the immense vault of the sky,
For you Marie Poussepin
The beauty of a starry night
For you Marie Poussepin
the enchanted spell of the crescent moon
for you Marie Poussepin,
those water droplets like dew in the morning.
For you Marie Poussepin,
The harmonious concert of doves and torcazas
For you Marie Poussepin
The joyful song of childhood and youth
For you Marie Poussepin
The spectacular space of contemplation
For you Marie Poussepin
Every space that talks about you, about Service,
From "the worker of Providence",
From the Educator who surprises with her pedagogy,
With his love, with the finesse of his advice...
For you Marie Poussepin
That seed born in Sainville, fertilized, watered
and scattered around the world.
That is why, today in this year of grace
we sing for you Marie Poussepin
for you the joy of children,
for you the charm of young people
for you the prayer and joy of the elders,
for you the dazzling joy of students and alumni,
for you the unconditional support of the Laity,
for you Marie Poussepin
the deep reflection of the teachers,
for you Marie Poussepin
the generous and faithful dedication of your daughters,
for you the display of love and fidelity
for you, all this as a guardian
jealous and faithful to the Charism.