A song from Chinácota

on 12 Nov, 2020
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Chinácota, Norte de Santander (Colombia), 11/12/2020, Technical school Nuestra Señora de la Presentación.- This song was composed by Professor Carlos Rojas Chona and his wife Yaneth Prada, as a conclusion to the virtual song festival: "La Presentación sings and enchants", organized by the Institución Educativa Técnica Nuestra Señora de la Presentación Chinácota Norte de Santander directed by Sister Eudelia Saavedra Zabala in the year 2020.

This song tells the story, life and work of our Foundress, it also tells us about her most famous phrases and invites us to always be joyful in the love of God. We pray in this year of grace for the sanctification of Marie Poussepin and that she continues to inspire many more people to be charitable and holy.