Some postcards of the beatification

on 17 Nov, 2020
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Roma (Italy), 11/17/2020, Sr. Cecilia Parra Ardila.- It is with great pleasure that I present you these cards, work of Sr Rosa Contreras (08/02/1936 - 08/24/2005) of El Caribe. Through these cards, Sr. Rosa wanted to present her reflection on the VIRTUALS AND VALUES of our Blessed Marie Poussepin. She made them on her own initiative. Sr. Rosa had great artistic gifts. The cards were designed to make the person of our Foundress known to the beneficiaries of the mission, friends and links on the beatification of Marie Poussepin in 1994.

These cards were printed in postcard format. The material used was cardboard, suitable for this type of work. Sister Rosa is not with us physically, but from the eternal home in Heaven, she will be very happy to know that through the work of her hands, her artistic talent, we can still announce the holiness of Marie Poussepin through the virtues that were recognized for her beatification. I am happy to make known this contribution, the work of her hands and the art with which God endowed her.

Postales 1994Postales 1994