Meeting of Media in the province of Medellin: Assertive communication

on 23 Jun, 2018
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Medellín (Colombia), 06/21/2018, Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas Cadavid.- The Santa Inés Pastoral Center, in Medellín, hosted 30 Sisters on June 18th and 19th to hold a workshop on Social Media. Space that made it possible to develop some of our own objectives as preachers, that we live the mission in a world that is avid for words, gestures and manifestations.

To recover the theological task, to live the Gospel as an embodied story, because we have an experience of God, through a story that defines us. The first moments gave the Encounter fundamental elements and were developed by Sr. Ángela María Vélez R., Provincial Superior and by Father Segundo Anacona B. Then the communicators and coaching: María Isabel Ríos V. and William Velásquez L. led the workshop on Assertive Communication, which allowed the group to reflect on the importance of communication management and in a special way on social networks, in which being a sender of a message makes them responsible for it. The different moments of the workshop were lived with intensity and joy.