Our identity

As Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, we are an international religious congregation, present in 36 countries. Following in the footsteps of our Foundress, Marie Poussepin, we are united in community, to announce and share the love of God through the service of charity.  As Sisters, we want to respond to the call of Jesus to proclaim His mercy and His love.

Our Constitutions summarize our life in this way:


Marie Poussepin educator (Documentation Center -La Grande Bretèche)Marie Poussepin educator (Documentation Center -La Grande Bretèche)

A consecration

As Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, called to follow Christ in the total gift of our being, we make profession of the evangelical counsels in common life, according to the Charism of Marie Poussepin, "to live and die in the service of the Church, in the exercise of charity." 

lived in community

Gathered by the Holy Spirit who, day after day, builds and gives growth to our fraternal community, we live in unity the Paschal Mystery. In breaking the Bread and listening to the Word, we draw truth at its very source to contemplate and communicate it unceasingly. And so the Congregation realizes the communion for which, for her own part, each sister is responsible.

in view of the mission

We are sent to a given community to share with it the mission of the Church.  This mission is assumed according to the two orientations received from our Foundress: education and health care, with a preference for the poor. The testimony of our life lived in simplicity, work, and poverty is a proclamation of the Word.

in renewal

The evolution of the world demands of us a continual renewal. Formation, in the line of our identity, is a life-long endeavor. It fosters personal wholeness and enables us to adapt wisely to ever-changing situations.

and fidelity

Following the example of the Virgin Mary, we answer in love to God, who committed Himself first. In an attitude of deep faith, we must, every day, choose Christ anew; we rely upon Him to ensure our fidelity and to give meaning and plenitude to our life. In a movement of permanent conversion, we want to live the project of Marie Poussepin with boldness and prudence.

Source: Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation


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