Barcelona: The new web page of “Reina de la Pau” (Queen of Peace), the house for women university students

on 29 Jul, 2018
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Barcelona (Spain), 07/29/2018, Sr. Gemma Morató.- “Reina de la Pau”, the house for women university students in Barcelona (Spain), which belongs to us, the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation has renewed its web page: to adapt to the style and technology of today.

It is a way to reach out to the Young students between 18 and 26 years of age, who come from all over the world looking for a good place to study in a peaceful, secure and comfortable environment. What we offer, since we opened this house ten years back, helps them to grow in human and Christian values. From the beginning, this house has been a school for life. Since the school year is now over, we can really say that it had been fruitful in every respect. Our residence offers accommodation for few women to facilitate their studies. It is situated in the real center of Barcelona in a 19th century house fully restored but maintaining basically its old architecture.

You can visit our new web page and learn about all that we offer in 

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