Video of India about Marie Poussepin

on 26 Oct, 2018
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Bangalore (India), 10/26/2018, Media team.- Sr. Daisy Rose Peenikaparamban and the Media team of the Province of India is happy to share with us a Video they have prepared on Blessed Marie Poussepin. Their dream was to produce a film, which would have been very expensive, but are grateful for the collaboration and support received from all the Sisters to produce this Video. 

In this Video they present us briefly the life and work of Blessed Marie Poussepin, Social apostle of Charity and how her charism responds to the needs of the 21st Century. Through this Video our Sisters from India show us with concrete actions how Marie Poussepin’s Charism is realized today going beyond the borders and being incarnated in different social and cultural contexts. It continues to bring love of God to the neediest through the service of Charity and the preaching of the Gospel. All those who watch this Video would also discover a simple and concrete way to be holy in our daily life.