Medellín: Presentation of Vocational videos

on 27 Oct, 2018
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Medellín (Colombia), 10/27/2018, Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas.- The Team for the pastoral of Vocations in the Province of Medellin has wanted to create a sequence of ten vocational video-clips, on topics which would respond to the process of awakening and promoting vocations by presenting to the youth of today the charism of Marie Poussepin as a proposal l for the following of Jesus.

This project was coordinated by Sr. Zabrina Llanos, with the advice and support of Sr. Ángela María Vélez and Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas. To accomplish this effort we are considering to work with FOCAL Studio Productions. The gathering of the material included the collaboration of various sisters of the Province as well of young people in initial formation, whom we thank for their availability. We are also thankful for the collaboration of Sr. Eleein Paola Navarro Gonzalez, of the Province of Bucaramanga, who contributed with her unpublished song: "Marie Poussepin at Sainville", and the House Peace and Good, who made the musical production of the song..

We hope that this material is useful for vocational animation in the various Provinces and thus continue making the charism of Marie Poussepin widely known. We now share the video with the song of Sr. Eleein Paola: