Francia: New Provincial Government

on 22 Nov, 2018
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La Grande Bretèche, Tours (France), 11/22/2018.- The Provincial Chapter of France gathered at la Breteche Tours, from 17 to 24 November 2018, has elected their Provincial Superior and Provincial councilors for the next five years.

Sr. Corine, Sr. Anne, Sr. Claudine, Sr. Catherine et Sr. VéroniqueSr. Corine, Sr. Anne, Sr. Claudine, Sr. Catherine et Sr. Véronique
The constitution of the new Provincial Council is:
  • Sr. Véronique Margron, Provincial Superior
  • Sr. Corine Haramant, Councilor
  • Sr. Anne Lécu, Councilor
  • Sr. Claudine Perquin, Councilor
  • Sr. Catherine Aubry, Councilor
We thank them for their availability and wish them all the best as they will continue the good work in view of the common good and the mission at the service of charity.

The Provincial Chapter has resumed its work according to the established schedule. We continue to accompany them with our prayer so that Our Lady of the Presentation whose feast we just celebrated, inspires their search and decisions during the Chapter.