USA Vice Province: New government

on 03 Dec, 2018

Dighton, MA (USA), 12/02/2018, Members of the Vice Provincial Assembly.- With joy, the members of the Vice Provincial Assembly gathered at the Vice Provincial House in Dighton, MA want to share with you that that our newly appointed Vice Provincial Team are.

Sr. Sabhitamol, Sr. Marta Inés, Sr. GlorinaSr. Sabhitamol, Sr. Marta Inés, Sr. Glorina
  • Sr. Marta Ines Toro Perez, Vice Provincial Superior
  • Sr. Glorina Jugo, Vice Provincial councilor
  • Sr. Sabithamol Anthoniamma, Vice Provincial Councilor

We thank you for your prayers as we continue our work for the preparation of the 55th General Chapter in our Assembly.