40 years in Mexican lands under the protection of St. Joseph

on 05 Apr, 2019

México, 03/19/2019, Sr. Georgina González Velásquez.- We thank the Lord for his Provident care throughout these first 40 years of our arrival in Mexican lands. By the missionary audacity of our first sisters Leonor Avellaneda Navas and Maria Lilia Alcira Vacca Avila sent on mission on March 19 under the paternal protection of Saint Joseph.

“We give thanks to you Lord because you are good, because eternal is your mercy..." (Salt 117)

As the people of God in the desert, our walk along all these years, we have seen the action of God. We have had good experiences, others less so, however, the desert through which we marched, sometimes blooms and is beautiful and sometimes it turns dark and stormy. Our sisters have recounted the benefits that we have received through the intercession of St. Joseph. An example is the purchase of the novitiate House.

The sisters were round and round looking for the appropriate house; and finally came the response to the appeal. A man offered them his house having heard them speak in the bank. What a blessing! Also, the first Mexican vocation is called Josefina Grace Meneses, St Joseph was present.

And a few years ago, on April 30, an image of Saint Joseph reached the Provincial House. We did not know the gentleman who gave it to us. He came and asked for the superior saying: "this holy image wants to stay in this House;" filled with joy we received it with the love that we have for him. We thank you Lord Jesus, for listening to us and for protecting the project of Marie Poussepin in Mexico. We ask for the grace of faithfulness and for deep roots to respond to the Kingdom of God. As we celebrate together this story of salvation it also helps us to see the new calls to which we want to give our lives with hope. May our Lady of Guadalupe continue strengthening our Yes to the Lord. 

"We thank you Lord, because you are good, because your love motivates and protects us."

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