"Compartir": The evidence that Providence rises earlier than the sun

on 06 Apr, 2019
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Urabá Region (Colombia), 04/06/2919, Sr. Carolina María Agudelo A.- COMPARTIR was founded in 1994at a time when Urabá became the epicenter of the armed conflict in Colombia. Social problems derived from political violence increased and the victims were in urgent need of medical attention. For this reason, Monsignor Isaías Duarte Cancino promoted the creation of an emergency center for the attention to victims of violence, widows and orphans.

The community of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, headed by Sister Carolina Agudelo Arango, responds to this call, initially in the municipality of Apartadó, extending little by little until arriving in 1999 to a total of 11 localities in the sub-region of Urabá : Mutatá, Chigorodó, Carepa, Apartadó, Currulao, Nueva Colonia, Turbo, Necoclí, Arboletes, San Pedro de Urabá and the municipality of Riosucio Chocó, serving about 2,000 widows and 6000 children, who now have a place in which they receive comprehensive attention. Over time, and in view of the phenomenon of continuous forced displacement in the area, COMPARTIR also assumes attention to the population in this situation, with a proposal of comprehensive care, as the basis for the dignity of beneficiary families in the search of their psychosocial and economic recovery.

This model integrates programs such as:
• Mental Health, its purpose is to prevent and intervene the disturbing psychological manifestations that affected widows and orphans 
• Home day, aims to provide comprehensive care to children who attend the center.
• Children's Home, with this program attention is given to children under five years of age
• Sponsors, the creation of a support network in which the sponsors, through a voluntary, generous and continuous financial contribution, help a child affected by violence in the region of Urabá to have a helping hand that contributes to his personal and family growth
• Afternoon of Sharing, is a space created and recreated by widows, whose objective is to promote themes and activities that educate in community organization, participation, empowerment of women and everything that strengthens their ability to organize and dynamize their processes autonomously
• Training for employment, aims to promote the qualification of the workforce and promote the creation of associative forms of work, as an alternative for the improvement of the quality of life of widows registered with the Foundation
• Dignified Housing Program, this program also seeks to improve family relationships and among neighbors provide solutions for decent housing for family’s victims of violence in the different municipalities of Urabá Antioqueño.

 First synthetic pitch in ChigorodóFirst synthetic pitch in Chigorodó

Each of the above programs is permanently monitored by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, motivated by the institutional slogan "The poor do not deserve poor attention" they give their best so that the results of each program will benefit the widows, orphans and displaced people who come to the Foundation in search of help. Similarly, the institution provides legal advice and permanent support to families in their process of socio-family stabilization. With the firm conviction that "from tomorrow I only know that Providence rises every day earlier than the sun", COMPARTIR wants to remain an answer for so many women and children who find there the way to give their lives a true sense.

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