"Your generosity increases Hope"

on 03 Jul, 2020
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La Favorita, Mendoza (Argentina), Father Marcelo Martínez, Parish Priest, Parish San José Obrero.- The annual collection of Caritas is an invitation to share not only our possessions, but also our desires to build a future full of hope for many of our brothers and sisters.

In this time of pandemic, solidarity has been revealed on many occasions. And, thanks to God, Collection is a means that is highly valued by sectors within and outside the Church. The motto that inspired the collection of this year was "Your generosity increases hope". And it is a motivation to be generous with our belongings, time and our talents. Through this video, we share some of our personal experiences, which require good will, encouragement, time... beyond the amount that is collected, it is a small service of love to our most vulnerable neighbors, to those most neglected in our world.