Video: "Marie Poussepin and her foundation" (In English!)

on 22 Jan, 2022
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Barcelona (Spain), 01/23/2022, MCS Team of the Congregation - The year dedicated to remembering the 325 years of the foundation of the Congregation is over and we cannot close this cycle without giving it the value it deserves, so we want to present a video that will take us back in time and bring us to the present. What you will find will be the life of Marie Poussepin in a synthesized way, what she wanted for the Congregation, the mission that the sisters carried out and the difficulties encountered.
We will walk through the moment of her beatification and the mission that the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin carry out today. It is a nice documentary, which regardless of the form, gives a general idea of the foundation and how we have been growing throughout history and in so many different cultures. Who are we? Who was Marie Poussepin and what they are dedicated to? We trust that you will enjoy it and of course, that it will help to make us known as people united by God with the sole objective of living the exercise of Charity. We encourage you to spread it in meetings, gatherings and to all those who work in our institutions and with those who share our mission.