Sr. Rosmery Castañeda: The Synod has been “Grace upon Grace”

on 29 Oct, 2023
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Rome (Italy), 10/29/2023, Sr. Rosmery Castañeda, member of the Synod.- Come Holy Spirit! It has been the daily prayer of the Synod of Synodality...

I praise and bless God the Father who surprises us every day with his initiatives, showing us the novelty of his Presence... I thank Jesus Christ for his Word, which confirmed to us that, if it is possible to sit at the same table and dialogue together in search of new paths. I confirmed once again that it is the Holy Spirit who guides, encourages and propels us towards new horizons.

This synodal experience open to non-bishop members, lived for the first time in the Church, has been GRACE UPON GRACE... I have witnessed the riches of our Church... its seriousness and commitment to the deposit of the FAITH... of his WISDOM given to his children... of his attitude of active listening that expresses welcome for all.

I learned and I could say it on behalf of all the synod members that Pope Francis is truly a humble, simple shepherd, a center of unity and with a merciful heart... 

Thank you for your prayers. 


 Bendición del Papa