Vice-Provincial Assembly of The Middle East

on 11 Feb, 2024
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Bagdad (Iraq), 02/11/2024, Assembly Communication Commission.- In an atmosphere of fraternity and welcome, on February 3 we met at the Vice Provincial House in Baghdad, Iraq, the sisters of the communities of Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq to celebrate our Vice Provincial Assembly.

With joy in our meeting, we unite in the prayer of lauds and the mass to ask God for his wisdom in this time of Grace that he gives us to seek together his will and the good of our structure.

 Later we began our assembly, 15 of the 17 sisters of the structure participated.  The sisters from the government and the house took great pains to prepare every detail to favor the development of our meeting.  We began with a procession carrying symbols that reminded us of who we are, where we are and, above all, the presence of Jesus who guides and accompanies each of the missions we carry out.

 After the opening prayer, we had a conference on vulnerability, synodality and transformation, given by Father Philippe K. OP, it was very rich and illuminates us in the work we are going to do.

We also want to share with you that the mandate of Sr. Bernadette Yousef as Vice-Provincial Superior has been extended for six months, until the General Chapter is held, since at the end of this, the Vice-Province of the Middle East will be integrated into the Province of Europe, as a Region.  We commend ourselves sisters to your prayers.