From World Youth Day in Poland (more photos)

on 25 Jul, 2016
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Poland, 07/25/2016, Sr. Victoria Balteanu.- Dear Sisters: I write to share with you that I am in Poland, from July 17 to August 1st, at the International World Youth meeting. I have come from Lebanon with a group of young people to work as volunteers during the meeting.

We are attentive to the needs of others by offering our time to listen to them and to help in the organization of the different aspects of the meeting, that is to say, to be part of the welcoming group on arrival, listen to what they need to share so that they may leave with a full heart, participate in the pastoral of youth ministry, distribution of water, etc. .....and really the most important is to be there for the other. This experience is precious; it is impressive to see the youth, their joy, celebration, prayer..... even if it is all in different languages! In my work group there are people from all parts of the world. The work is intense, but enriching, the youth are full of life. I thank God and all the sisters for giving me this opportunity to have such a beautiful and enriching experience. I am very happy, I ask for your prayers that I may give the best of myself and respond to God’s will.

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