Clinical Laboratory in Haiti: a new response of Marie Poussepin Pediatric Center for the needs of this people

on 17 Oct, 2016
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Haití, 12/10/2016, Sr. Ana Patricia Londoño Flórez, administrator.- Surely all of us are tempted to think that Nature is teaching Haiti a lesson, but it is something that we are not so sure; on the contrary, yes, we are sure that that the Congregation and the Province have earnestly engaged and committed themselves to the people of Haiti and are in continuous discernment to give renewed responses according to the needs identified in our places of mission. On this last October 10, during the celebration to mark the functioning of “Marie Poussepin” Pediatric Center in Haiti for a year, we set up a clinical laboratory for the service of the community around. It will take care of not only the children who come for consultation at this center but also the children and adults coming for this service from other institutions as well.

Through the joined efforts of “Fondation Hôpital St. Joseph” (France), “Farmacéuticos Sin Fronteras” (Spain) and Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation, today we are able to offer to the people of Haiti, who are so much struck by natural disasters, a clinical laboratory with better installations and high technology. Our only aim is to render the service with high quality and reliability at a prize that can be afforded by our clients.

Since the beginning of the construction of the Center, the possibility to set up a laboratory there one day had been in our plan; day after day we nourished this dream and today it has become a reality. But already we have begun to dream anew: we wish to take up the challenge to open an ordinary microbiology laboratory which will have a great impact on the whole area of Croix des Bouquets (the commune to which we belong and which has an estimated population of 250.000 inhabitants) because there are no laboratories of this type. We think that this type of projects follows exactly what Marie Poussepin’s audacious and creative course of action demands from us today to respond with care to the needs of men and women of our time.

In addition to these projects at the Forefront, we carry out multiple activities in our Center like Program for the healthy child, nutrition program, program for sponsors of children with malnutrition; play activities, health squad with groups of foreign doctors, hospitality to volunteers. We invite you to visit our Web page and our Face book so that you can follow us:

We are sure that the Providence of God will continue to facilitate strategic alliances which will enable us to offer many better services for this people who deserve to live under better conditions.

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