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on 08 Jun, 2017
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Barcelona (Spain), 06/10/2017, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- In 2007, we inaugurated the web page, dedicated to the paintings and sculptures of Sr. Marie Séraphie (1915-2017), a Dominican Sister of the Presentation and a well known artist.

“The art is a tireless vehicle at the reach of our limitations...”

Ten years ago, Srs. Gemma Morató, Conchi García and Ana Isabel Pérez designed the above mentioned web, as recognition of the artistic work of Sister Marie Séraphie and as an experience for a university course. This web had been there all these years at the reach of any person who would like to know a little more about this polyvalent artist. Now, 10 years after, a few months after the death of Sr. Marie Séraphie, the web is reborn with a new design and an updated technology, in memory of this artist, well loved by us.