A Project to Empower the Tribal People of Dalmadih in India

on 10 Jun, 2017
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Dalmadih (India), 06/10/2017, Project's Group of the Solidarity.- Dalmadih Tribal Development Project is run by Dominican sisters of the presentation in Dalmadih village of Gumla district in Jharkhand, India. The sisters had been here from 1996 and involved in various developmental work. We started a project in the year 2010 exclusively for the development of the tribal group of 28 tolas of 9 revenue villages.

The main focus of our activities these years were to improve the capacity of our target group through various awareness programs, skill development programs, farm development, and on farm and off farm activities thus to improve their income earning capacity, to improve the life situation especially to improve the education of children and general health of the target group.
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