Medellin: "Maison Marie Poussepin"

on 15 Jun, 2017
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Medellin (Colombia), 06/14/2017, Sr. Ana Cecilia Villegas.- On June 8, the new mission in the Province of Medellin, “Maison Marie Poussepin” was blessed. It is “A peaceful place to be happy”. It is a 10 floor house with 100 rooms to receive autonomous and independent adults. The celebration was presided over by Monsignor Ricardo Tobón Restrepo, Archbishop of Medellin.

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It is a mission, which transcends our simple human will; it is God Himself who entrusted to the Province this mission, which responds to the new needs of today’s men and women who are most of the time lonely and sad because the interests of the family do not enable them to be concerned about old people. It is the hour for love of neighbor; it is the favorable time to receive and give love. The Charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin enables us today to live the essence of love of God more concretely among those who would come to live in this house.