Santafé: A new class of competent technicians in auxiliary nursing

on 18 Aug, 2017
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Tunja (Colombia), 08/04/2017, Sr. María Cecilia Gaitán Cruz.- FORMASALUD Tunja is a Foundation for Work and Human Development, which belongs to the Province of Santafé and it forms the youth to take care of life in different ways. Since its foundation in 2005, it has certified 522 Auxiliary Nurses.

Last Friday, August 4, the ceremony for the certification of nine groups of Auxiliary Nurses was held with a Eucharistic celebration as the main focus. To participate in the Eucharist, the center of our Christian life was an experience of faith for the graduates, the education community and the families. In the homily the celebrant recalled their commitment as citizens and gratitude towards FORMASALUD because the Lord has offered them a good Christian, personal and academic formation with an option and commitment to care for life. In the certification ceremony, the new Auxiliaries expressed the meaning of the symbols with which the society identifies the Nursing career: the uniform, the cap and the lamp and they pledged to fulfil their responsibilities: in caring for the life of the person and the community, in working together with the Health Team and in their own personal growth.