Santafé: Certification of Auxiliary Nurses with Clinical Laboratory practice

on 26 Dec, 2017
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Fusagasugá (Colombia), 26/12/2017, Sr. Cecilia de los Dolores.- As we continue our mission of education in Fundación de Educación en Salud Marie Poussepin (Marie Poussepin Foundation for Education in health care)“FORMASALUD” in Fusagasugá, on December 16th 2017, we held a ceremony in the auditorium of Colegio de la Presentación,(Presentation Higher Secondary School) in Fusagasuga for the Certification of 25 out of the 27 Auxiliary Nursing Technicians and 5 Auxiliary Nurses who did their practice in Clinical Laboratory.

Let us thank God for giving us the opportunity to continue the “Formation of health care personnel who, through education, promotion, prevention, assistance and rehabilitation, are able to improve the quality of life of persons, families and communities.” Congratulations to our Graduates!

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A New Class of Labor Technicians by Competence, Nursing Auxiliaries, from FORMASALUD - Tunja

Tunja (Colombia), 26/12/2017, Karen Rocío Galindo Cubillos (Student Nursing).- Last Thursday, December 21, a Certification ceremony took place in which 32 Labor Technicians by Competences, of Nursing Auxiliaries from the 23rd Class of FORMASALUD TUNJA. The experience of formation of the graduates is expressed by Rocío Galindo, as follows: “In this process of formation we deepened the knowledge of concepts, practices, principles and values of our commitment and option for life. We will never forget what it means to give life, to take care of it, to defend and to protect it.” She adds: “I lived unforgettable experiences, such as the celebration of Marie Poussepin’s birthday which allowed us to know her life, the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Presentation and the great audacity which characterizes them: that of Charity”.

She also explained that “living together was very beneficial because of the teachings it left us with, not letting ourselves be satisfied with what we are, because God brought us into the world to fly and to be as great as eagles. From the Pope’s visit and message, I want to highlight three sentences: “Don’t fear the future, dare dream large and great”; “Fly high and dream large”; “That difficulties do not oppress you, that violence does not devastate you”. CONGRATULATIONS!
Graduates Formasalud Tunja 2017Graduates Formasalud Tunja 2017