Letter to Marie Poussepin from the Caribbean

on 09 Jun, 2020
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El Caribe, 06/09/2020, Sr. Berta Marín, province of El Caribe.- BONJOUR MARIE POUSSEPIN, JE SUIS SŒUR BERTA MARIN, AUJOURD’HUI, JE VEUX PARLE AVEC TOI… I want to tell you in this letter, how I met you...

I came to study with my sister Chela, at Colegio Santa Teresa de Cúcuta, where your daughters opened to us, the doors of that beautiful school.

Beautiful not only physically, there was something about you that I learned to know, to discover, without them, the sisters, speaking to me.

Today, after so many years, I have discovered within myself that I was walking beside you, because in each sister, I was discovering you, without knowing your name, because they never told me... I only saw aptitudes and attitudes, elegance in virtue, in their presence, in their closeness, to correct, to teach, to make known and to love, the one they loved in the silence of their surrender; elegance and posture in their habit; in their delicacy and firmness to correct and make one, be always well presented physically and spiritually. They never spoke to me of their Foundress... of you... They did it with their presence, firmness and welcome... They never spoke to me of consecrated life, but just seeing them already inspired, there was no closeness like today, but their presence was clear and harmonious and so, you, Marie Poussepin discovered and conquered me, without knowing who you were...

One day I entered the Postulancy... the Novitiate... either they didn't talk to me about you... I learned to fall in love with Jesus, to talk to Him, to live from His presence... I became a contemplative without knowing it... And you Marie Poussepin in silence, you were there, shaping my adolescent heart... young... only for God... What a mystery!

I professed and did not know you by name, but you were stand by me. I wonder: why didn't I have that curiosity to ask about you?  Today, I know that you were with me: in every sister... I only knew your actions, your love of God and of others... But why was your identity hidden from me?  It was a contemplative and respectful silence that of the Sisters, since your holiness was glimpsed and it was necessary to keep silent... The Church asks for it.

Ah, now I understand? you were preparing something wonderful for me: THE CEMP, it was there, where my heart, my intelligence, my spirit, would recognize you with name and surname, with your life and mission, with your love for the Trinitarian God. It was here, when my love for you, for the Congregation, overflowed to 'fullness... I wanted to know you... drink from your source, and that is how it was, the CEMP, transformed me interiorly, I drank from you, I carry you very deep in my being and acting and I want that when I die, you be at my side, so that you may give me definitively to Jesus. Today, I feel that I am taking you to the surface, I want others to know you and to recognize you in me from my simplicity and shyness, which I have been modeling little by little through the mission, but not by losing.

I am surprised today, MOTHER, and I feel sorry when some girls say to me: "You look like Marie Poussepin,... My answer is: Sure... if I am your spiritual daughter and a daughter looks like her mother in something... I make her known so that they know from a young age who you are. I am happy that they know you,  that they feel the desire to know more about you... Conquer them Marie Poussepin, as you conquered me, cleanse their hearts and that we can teach them Jesus... contemplate Jesus... as one day they did in me, your daughters, giving their fruit.

Today, at my mature age, 56 years of consecrated life, I feel that you are close to me, serene, contemplative, with a gentle regard, loving others through me... I am moved to speak of you and when I do, I feel your company, as the disciples of Emmaus felt Jesus.

To study... To deepen all that you have left us, what the Congregation gives us of the Consecrated Life in the Congregation that you founded, is for me a delight... I feel you and I am moved to know that I belong to the Congregation that you created to serve and love others and in them, to love and discover God.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, for being my companion, for bringing me to Jesus and accompanying me in my struggles and temptations. Never, I feel it, have you been ashamed of me, in spite of my weaknesses and falls. Thank you for teaching me to contemplate the God of love from your charism... My charism. Thank you for being with me in the moments of pain, of triumph, of effort and in the mission that I carry out today with all my love.

Thank you for allowing yourself to be beatified and soon to be canonized... it is true that we still have a long way to go... but you are there and you help us to continue... to begin again... to grow in love of God and of the Brothers, especially in this difficult time, which we are living in my country, and in the whole world. Walk with us, as you did in Sainville... Dourdan... Bless us mother, we need you... The mission cries out, our brothers need us. Give us the Strength in every moment of our life. Speak to us, to know what we can do.

Thank you, Mother, for always being by our side and forgiving our weaknesses in the love of God and our brothers, give us courage, risk, capacity to endure and above all a great love for Jesus the Eucharist and Mary of the Presentation.

I am your daughter, I want to continue feeling your presence near me, prepare myself for what God wants from me, at this moment of my life.

With love of Daughter, I say see you soon, because I know, that you are with me. And through you I want to say thanks to my Congregation, for all that long my life it has given me. Bless me and bless us Mother ... Ah! ... Do not forget that we want you on the altars. With a hug in the name of all my sisters, I want to say goodbye!!