From Bogotá: Mandalas of Marie Poussepin

on 26 Jun, 2020
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San José de los Nogales, Bogotá (Colombia), 06/26/2020.- As a collaboration in this Year of Grace, the Sisters of the community of San José de los Nogales, a community of elderly sisters of the Province of Bogotá, are participating with the realization of mandalas on Marie Poussepin.

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. Not only is it an art form, mandalas are used in many spiritual traditions, but especially in Hinduism and Buddhism, to focus attention, define a sacred space, and aid meditation. In the Buddhist tradition mandalas are drawn with coloured sand and then destroyed, to symbolise the non-permanence of the material world.

Today the term mandala is also well known in the West and has come into common use to indicate geometric patterns, diagrams and circular designs that symbolically represent a microcosm of the universe, used in various fields to find calm, balance and peace and ultimately increase self-awareness.

In this case, the mandala has made it possible to remember Marie Poussepin and the 25 years of her beatification.