From Chile: A grace

on 06 Jul, 2020
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Colegio Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Valparaíso (Chile), 07/06/2020, Marcia Vilches Pérez.- Dear Marie Poussepin, in this year that we celebrate a year of Grace for your Beatification, this message is addressed to you, in order to thank you, for the accompaniment given, through your intercession to my son. When I was pregnant with my first and only child, and for some fortuitous reason, already in the seventh month of gestation, starting what is called in Chile, the pre-natal time, my water breaks, triggering labor. My son "Martin" is born prematurely at 33 weeks, on June 2, 1997, with many complications, among which, was the poor oxygenation from a problem in his heart. He had to have emergency surgery. 

 At that time, 23 years ago, medicine was not so advanced, we had to request some inputs out of the country, finally, he managed to get operated on, that operation because of his prematurity did not turn out as expected, however, his struggle and desire to live, kept him stable, but connected to machines.

The second operation is successfully carried out, but, we were waiting for the evolution of it, in that time, there were very good days and others not so good. At those daily visits to the clinic, doctor tell me that Martin, is suffering from multi-systemic failure, manage product of the immaturity of his organs, he is again in a complicated situation. In view of the seriousness of my son, I am meeting Sister María Isabel Cruz Lolas, a Dominican Sister of the Presentation, Principal of the School, where I was working at the time and where I still work today, no longer with the sisters but with the Order of Preachers, College Santo Domingo de Guzmán; Valparaiso, Chile. At that time, I tell the state of my son and I ask her, the possibility of baptizing Martin, because my optimism was no longer such, I thought the boy could die at any moment. In that conversation, the sister gives me a picture of Marie Poussepin, the baptism, by the College Chaplain - Father Mauricio Cruz Lolas - I leave the image stuck in the incubator, from that act, Marie Poussepin’s grace, surrounded Martin, that begins to improve, a few days later he leaves the Pediatric ICU, in a few others, he stabilizes, leaves the clinic with an apnea monitor, which he kept for a year. Throughout his 23 years, which are the ones he has, at present, he has been a healthy child, humble, simple, and aware that we live in a complex world, which depends on us, the care of the planet for its resources and its development.

Marie Poussepin, your presence in Martin's life, is a miracle, your teachings are in his doing and actions, being a former student, of the Charism of the Dominican Sisters of Presentation. Just to thank that grace…