Interview of Sr. Noélie Kaboré

on 10 Jul, 2020
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Afrique, 07/10/2020, Sr. Pélagie Kaboré .- Hello Sister! can you introduce yourself briefly? I am Sister Noélie Kaboré; I am from the Vice-Province of Africa. I made my first profession on November 20, 1989 and perpetual profession on October 7, 1995. At present, my mission is in the parish of Pô, in the Diocese of Manga, in the south of the country.

Sr. Noélie and Sr. PélagieSr. Noélie and Sr. Pélagie

1/ Sister Noélie Kaboré, this year our Congregation is responding to the call of Sister Maria Escayola Coris, Prioress General, who, in her circular of November 18, 2019, invites all the sisters and lay people to make this year a year of grace in honor of the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Marie Poussepin. What do you think of this initiative?

Thank you. I think that it is a welcome step, because it will enable each Sister to revitalize her sense of belonging to the Congregation, by reliving the Charism of Marie Poussepin and imitating her virtues.

2/ Sister Noélie, from the history we learned that at the time of the beatification of our Mother Foundress in 1994 at Rome, you represented the sisters of the Vice-Province of Africa. What do you remember about this event after 25 years?

I was on mission at Chad, when my superior told me the good news : « You are chosen with Sister Cécile Sawadogo to go for the beatification of Marie Poussepin. I was pleased to know that I would be witnessing this celebration in Rome.

As a community we prayed for the smooth running of the event and for the travel. I had to travel from Chad to Burkina to join Sister Cécile Sawadogo, so that we could leave together for Rome. At Ouagadougou, I informed my family about such an important event of our Congregation and the day before our departure, they invited us for a meal. But what a surprise, the Basic Christian Community was waiting for us to pray with us, so that the Lord would accompany us throughout the travel and also for a good celebration of the beatification. Those Christians from the neighborhood did not know Marie Poussepin, but thanks to this event, they became friends.

3/ What were your feelings when you arrived?

On our arrival, we were well received in Rome by our sisters who had just finished the General Chapter. I discovered for the first time the historical city of the Church. What a joy! We went to St. Peter’s Basilica for the rehearsals, because I was chosen to bring the offerings during the celebration; It was a bouquet of flowers, Orchids that were brought from Colombia for the occasion. I was the happiest person.

4/ How did you experience the celebration?

On the day of the celebration, we were a huge crowd in the Basilica, Sisters and lay people with our yellow scarves in front of the portraits of those who were Beatified. The portrait of Marie Poussepin was uncovered before our eyes, followed by the Pope’s proclamation: Marie Poussepin, Social Apostle of charity is Blessed. It was a great emotion, a great joy; Sr. Cecile’s African ‘kililili’ (cries of joy) was heard.

At the time of the offertory, we went in procession and then we knelt in front of Pope John Paul II of venerable memory and my hands in his hands with my bouquet of flowers; I offered him the bouquet and he asked me a question which I did not expect. Surprised, I bent down to better hear and answer: I am from Burkina Faso on mission in Chad. I was overcome with joy.

The rest of the day was one of joy and thanksgiving to God for the blessings received for our Congregation.

4/ Thank you sister for this sharing. What message do you have for all the sisters?

Thank you. What I would like to add is to give thanks to the Lord for all His blessings on our Congregation and to say thank you again to the Congregation for enabling me to experience this time of grace of the beatification of our Mother Foundress.

25 years after, Marie Poussepin still has a message for us; she teaches us patience, silence and above all to become rooted in faith. Then we must re-immerse ourselves in the life and Charism of Marie Poussepin to know her better, to make her known and to revitalize our mission of charity. I invite each sister to make this year of grace a year of interiorization of the life and Charism of Marie Poussepin.