Poetry from Bogotá

on 17 Jul, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia), 07/17/2020.- Several poems come to us from the Province of Bogotá.

Social Work Marie Poussepin

How happy we are
In this Social Work
Which bears the blessed name
Of Marie Poussepin

Solidarity, close to each other
We work non-stop
Here Jesus Christ reigns
And it's our second home

Our model is Mary
Our unparalleled Mother.
The working woman
With a needle and a thimble.

Also, we use laces
Ribbons and more
And the Sister who runs it,
She is the one with the sack.

There are threads here
Of the best quality
Fabrics, buttons and needles
And with great skill.

Very willing ladies
Their knowledge is shared with us
Innovating every time
Some work of art.

They also require membership
Perseverance and kindness
And he's still waiting for students
For this social work.

Sr. Carmen Ester Pardo

To Marie Poussepin

Enterprising and determined woman
She loved the poor from her tender home;
Straightforward, simple, humble and generous;
She implored God's mercy
Exemplary life of love and faith.

Protector of the Sick was an apostle.
By praying Mary she multiplied her charity.
She was always united with her sisters from the heart,
She was able to respond with confidence and joy
Her service, solidarity and peace
She taught with her daily life
Patience, work, prudence.
Illuminated by the Spirit she was happy.
She was never deaf to the voice of God.

Sr. Nora Cecilia Bernal

Marie PoussepinBogotá Bogotá

Sublime magic words,
Which are a hymn of profound charm,
Sacred incantations of sweetness print,
who, in today's world, are redeemed from their pain,
of the sadness of the pain and the crying...

This is the sweet name we give it
and we repeat, on four continents many lips,
MARIE POUSSEPIN, the bells are singing,
MARIE POUSSEPIN, the flowers and the fields

You, when you longed for us, dreamed of us,
as the white legion of "CONSECRATED PEOPLE"
you wanted us HEROIC women,
defying the winds and squalls.

You, you opened the paths. You wanted to,

You traced a mysterious path,
of simple prayer and praise;
of daily walking with joy and happiness,
overflowing with love and hope.

You wanted a home for your daughters,
where everyone will love each other as sisters,
with smiles of love and affection,
And fraternal details in the soul.

So many years, how quickly they've passed,
And forget this house, they haven't managed,
Here is our printed memory,
and here my heart is tied.

Home office, your towers are echoing,
of our laughter, and fervent prayers;
our Chapel awaits us always,
because there he dwells, our Beloved.

The Sweet Little Virgin opens her mantle,
to welcome from our Love the song,
to welcome our fervent prayer,
and lovingly collect our tears. 

Sr. Leticia de la Cruz - Community Santo Domingo