Bucaramanga: Once upon a time... Marie Poussepin

on 28 Jul, 2020
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Bucaramanga (Colombia), 07/28/2020, Marlén Cecilia Consuegra V..- Marie Poussepin, a great human being who marked my personal and professional life. I met her during the 28 years I spent as a social science teacher at La Milagrosa Institute in Santa Marta, in the Colombian Caribbean, where I had beautiful unforgettable experiences with my students, marked by the principles and fundamental pillars of a woman who traced my spiritual and pedagogical path in a clear and concise manner: charity, justice, responsibility, simplicity and work were the purest essence of my work at the school. 

"Have a lot of tenderness and vigilance with the youth you educate". This phrase remained engraved forever in my heart. Her courage and the strength with which she faced all the difficulties in her time, led her to fulfill her dreams by spreading her seed of love throughout the world. So I told my students her story encouraging them to keep going in spite of the most adverse circumstances. Today, in this difficult time the world is living, her example comes alive. I know that many are remembering her as I do, as she encourages us to move forward and carry her name and her memory high. "God has led us here, so that we may continue with this great task.

Thank you for so much Marie Poussepin.

Once upon a time... Marie Poussepin


Érase una vez... Marie Poussepin Download


Érase una vez... Marie Poussepin Download