Psalm Prayer from Bogotá

on 26 Aug, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia), 08/26/2020, Sr. Ana Isabel Blanco Estupiñan.- Psalm prayer, 25 years since the beatification of Marie Poussepin.

Thank you, Father of Love, for this gift to the Church.
in the humble, pious and charitable Marie Poussepin;
her spirit of charity is prolonged in time,
in space, in the life of each sister,
in the community and in new missionary research.

Thank you, Lord, for the richness of Marie Poussepin's charism,
thank you for the calls you make to us every day
to go back to the essentials to follow Jesus Christ
and to rekindle the fire of love, to let oneself be transformed,
to live an embodied contemplative spirituality
in the reality of today's world.

Thank you, Marie Poussepin, because, inspired by Providence,
you have founded a community with a Dominican spirit
to live the Gospel in the exercise of charity,
to grow in the experience of faith, love and hope,
and share in the mission to serve the church.

Thank you for these three centuries of missionary presence,
loyalty, history on four continents,
of commitment to revive the Charism,
to respond with a look of compassion and mercy
and solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable.

Help us, Lord, to be faithful, fruitful and fulfilled communities,
with a strong identity,
with a critical capacity and a spirit of discernment,
with courage, openness and wisdom to read the signs of the times,
to listen to the voice of God, to be a prophetic sign of humanization,
as Marie Poussepin did and to respond with faith, audacity,
creativity to the new calls you are making to the Congregation today.

Mary, Mother of silence and listening,
make us docile to the contemplation of the Word
to listen to the voice of God and his call to reconciliation;
and to open our eyes, our mind, our heart, our will...
to welcome God's grace and express it
in a new lifestyle, simple, humble, joyful and fraternal.