Live Presence...

on 17 Sep, 2020
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Manizales (Colombia), 09/17/2020, Sr. Carmen Rosario Medina.- Live Presence...

Marie Poussepin returns, with flowers of kindness,
and offers each sister new gestures of fraternity.
Those your soft hands, do not get tired of spreading,
those seeds of the Kingdom, which you received while living.
Today the holy people, awaits with emotion,
to come with your daughters, to accompany him in his affliction.

It was Dourdan and Sainville, the place of preaching,
where you donated yourself entirely, without expecting exaltation.
That your poverty, captivated the heart,
and the walk of those young women, who followed you with tenacity.
Today the world in crisis makes mention of you,
because you were the pioneer, of beautiful gestures of redemption.


Prudent and simple woman, God wanted to dwell in you,
to make you a herald, and to the humble rescue.
Your compassionate spirit always encourages charity,
to your daughters who, in the world, are building the Kingdom of truth.
Today the world waits, that they come to help
men and women, that the pandemic wants to exterminate.


Kindly Marie Poussepin, with your daughters you will travel
those new paths, which the good Lord will inspire.
It will be life with them, like that of Jesus and the others,
who welcome with a smile, love and much more.
Today the universe, sobs with regret,
because covid-19, they can't finish it.


Your daughters, Marie Poussepin, are always transmitting,
beautiful values of the Kingdom, of justice, love and peace.
Your example of solidarity invites us to express it,
the gestures of the Master, in the exercise of charity.
The Church today urges us to be quick to leave.
and in fidelity to the Word, to build a new world.


Your good mother's legacy will be reborn with new vigour,
in the heart of these your daughters, who are deepening it,
It will be like that time, when you wanted to be in Sainville,
spreading the seed of love and unity.
Today, the God who is close to us is urging us to help,
the poor and oppressed people, whom we must protect.


Pious Marie Poussepin, it is always in your daughters,
the memory of his mother, of donation in freedom.
The Divine Spirit encourages us to resist,
the storms of life, which today want to confuse us.
The figure of the one who trusts in the Lord is magnified,
and practices at every step, the commandment of love.


Unwavering faith helps us to understand,
the presence of God the Father, in this new event,
Your charisma, beloved mother, motivates us unceasingly,
to get out of ourselves, to go and preach.
On the five continents, we will go to announce,
the mercy of God the Father, which Jesus came to reveal.


Your faithfulness to the Gospel always leads us to sing,
new songs of praise, and the Triune God to worship.
Witnessing to Jesus Christ is our mission,
and following the example of St. Dominic, to remain in prayer.
The life of the Virgin Mary is a model to follow,
expressing every day, readiness and joy in service.


Messengers of the Word, the time has come to leave,
to search our world for decent conditions to live in.
God gives the Congregation this new invitation,
to give themselves entirely, in openness to restructuring.
Let us walk like sisters, on the paths of love,
proclaiming Jesus Christ, as the handmaids of the Lord.