My story with Marie Poussepin

on 17 Oct, 2020
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Concón (Chile), 10/17/2020, Luis Fuentes, Missionary Presentation.- In short, a few years ago, when I was part of a Dominican community in the house of the Missionaries of Saint Dominic, I began to feel a certain restlessness in the mission, even though it is true that there was a territorial mission both with the sisters and in the Vincentian community where I do my pastoral work (with my Dominican spirituality), I was not satisfied, something was missing, and while I was giving guitar lessons to some missionaries from the Santo Domingo de Guzmán School, a school of which I am a former student, I received an invitation from Gonzalo Bustos and his wife Heidy Morel, to join the school's missionary group, at that time the leader of this group was Sister Bernardita Casanova, a sister who already knew me.

And on learning a song that I was to teach Professor Gonzalo, I began to get to know an enchanting woman, full of love and charity, whose service of charity and preaching was familiar to me, that's what I said, so at that moment began my personal journey to my Sainville with the Missionaries of the Presentation. It is my personal motivation to make known a great man and a great woman, whose pillars are study, prayer, contemplation and preaching, where their desire is to humanize a dehumanized humanity through preaching and active charity, living in a shared and not individualistic community, recognizing God in "the other" and in what surrounds us. A man and a woman unknown to some, who do not aspire to fame, with similar lives each in their own time, those who have left their comfort zone to take on the task of sharing, of communicating the Good News to others with love and charity. We are his children and we follow Christ, in the footsteps and in the forms of Dominic de Guzman and Marie Poussepin, anonymous heroes for the vast majority of people, characters who with simplicity and humility leave us their legacy of service and charity.

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